Who needs a coat closet at the Beach??? Shelves That Slide

 Shelves that Slide!

STS Picture 2

But first a little back story…..

About 2 years ago, Bill and I decided to “just look” for a little place at the beach, you know for “later in life” and vacations.  We love the Clearwater/ST. Pete’s Beach area and have been coming down on a regular basis for the last 13 years.  Our plan was, just look and if we find “a deal” then we will think about it.  

Well, we found our little spot on the sand!   But how would we have known that in less than a year it would be our full-time home? 

So now I need projects!  I started on the bedroom closet then to the kitchen cabinets;  but you know every time I walked by the “coat closet” in the hall something just nagged at me. 

Who needs a coat closet at the Beach?????    And what can I do to it to use that space?

I’m happy to say, the coat closet is now a combo pantry and wine closet.  Much more on the wine closet in a separate post, today it’s all about Shelves that Slide!!!!

There was room for a small pantry after the closet was roughed in for the wine closet.  I have plans to paint that side of the wall with chalkboard paint to use as a giant chalkboard (project coming soon).  I began the search for “shelves” and found a wonderful company out of Arizona called Shelves that Slide    www.shelvesthatslide.com.  They will custom build shelves for your space in several different heights.  What I love about these shelves is that they were able to make them incredibly deep to fill up the entire frame.   Also, they way they are constructed, you can pull the shelve out complete to get all the way to the back items.

sts picture 6

These shelves are 28 inches deep x 16 inches wide.  For the pantry, I choose the 2 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch slanted (2) and the 9 inch box.

STS Picture 2

I have plans to paint the front of the shelves with the chalk board paint to use for labeling.  Also, working on a system to label all the lock-n-lock containers.  Right now, sticky notes and tape works just fine🙂

STS picture 4      sts picture 7

I love these shelves!  And now I can get all the dry good out of my kitchen cabinets to have room for dishes!

Here are a few more picture of this project in process —

sts picture 3  STS Picture 5








5 thoughts on “Who needs a coat closet at the Beach??? Shelves That Slide

  1. I love the sliding shelves! And I agree – you don’t need a coat closet at the beach! Cannot wait to hear more about the wine closet.

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